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Don’t let the scammers ruin your shopping experience!

There’s no question the internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Indeed, it’s had such a massive impact that several well-known high street names, household brands that survived for generations, have come crashing down because they simply could not compete with the unstoppable global power and cost savings of internet shopping.

But while those mighty bricks and mortar departmental stores may rapidly be becoming a thing of the past, they did give us something that is hard to find on the internet: scam proof purchasing. They offered this because they worked locally, and face to face. This simple rule cuts out 99% of all known scams.

If there is anything wrong with a product you buy in a reputable store, you can take it back, you can complain face to face to a manager, and most importantly, you can get a refund.

While there have been advances in consumer protection on the internet in recent years, the fact remains, once you stray from some of the most established names such as Amazon, or some of those well-known high street stores that have managed to develop a powerful web presence, you are, without question, opening yourself up to the possibility of being scammed.

If these scammers poured half their ingenuity into providing a good service rather than inventing devious ways to rip you off, they might actually make the fortunes they crave.

One of the reasons we formed Mobilebase.com is because too many scammers have found online cellphone purchases to be a fertile and lucrative field for pulling their scams.

That’s why we make every effort to vet all Sellers who put up a phone for sale on our site. If you are sold a fake phone on Mobilebase.com our consumer protection processes will ensure you get your money back.

That said, we can guarantee you that sooner or later, scammers, rip off artists and shady sales people are going to have a go at selling their products on our site. After all, it’s what they do. They try every possible avenue. Most will not succeed, but some may slip through the net. It’s a fact of internet life. Unlike Craigslist, which sells every product and service imaginable, we only deal in one area of enterprise: cellphones, smart phones and similar devices. While it reduces opportunities for the scammers to win, the best way to protect yourself is to rely on your own good judgement, and learn some of the tricks the scammers try to get you to part with your money.

10 ways to beat the scammers

Buy local: When purchasing on Mobilebase, if it’s possible to do so, always purchase locally, and before you agree to hand over any money, agree to meet face to face to inspect the merchandise.

Stay online: If this proves impossible, and you see the phone you really, really want advertised elsewhere there are ways to get to know your seller before committing to a sale. Mobilebase provides various methods for buyers and sellers to communicate online.

Don’t give personal contact details: We provide the ability to communicate via private comments, private messaging, or by providing by information for direct contact via email or phone. We recommend you try to communicate online through our website. If you purchase through Mobilebase you do not have to give your personal information such as your email address or phone number. That’s why we advise you to stay online with us. If the scammer has to work purely through Mobilebase’s communications systems, it limits his/her ability to start scamming you.

Know the ground rules: We make it a rule that the Seller is responsible for providing all possible support for any issues related to the item he or she has sold. However, the Seller is not responsible for providing technical support beyond troubleshooting issues related to activation and standard operation of the device you have purchased.

Say no to wiring money: Refuse all requests for purchases to be made via MoneyGram or Western Union. This should immediately send out alarm signals that you are dealing with a scammer. Don’t be fooled if they give you a Western sounding name for the wire payment to be sent, even if it’s to someone in your own country. Skilled operators in countries such as Nigeria and Ghana recruit cash strapped Westerners to receive money on their behalf for a small commission. They also post pictures of wholesome looking people on their profiles to reassure you they are legit. If you think you can bypass the problem by calling them on their cellphone, think again. Nigerians have been known to reroute phone calls from genuine US or European numbers back to their own country.

Test your Seller: Even if you are private messaging on Mobilebase, scammers may still try to fool you. It’s easy to fake pictures of a highly desirable phone and sound convincing about the product, but if they claim to be from a certain county or State, test them on their knowledge. Better to cause mild offence than to lose your money. Genuine sellers will be happy to verify themselves.

When it doesn’t sound right: Look out for poor spelling or grammar. That, coupled with a request for MoneyGram, Western Union, a Cashier’s check, or escrow payment is a sure sign you are dealing with a scammer.

Can’t meet, won’t meet: If a Seller claims to be local and cannot meet up with you for any number of vague and complicated reasons, or claims to be out of the country, avoid. Move on.

Say no to money orders: Sellers, if a buyer appears to want to purchase your goods no questions asked, no matter what the price, and they offer you a money order that exceeds the amount asked for your goods, this simply means they are trying to pass a dodgy financial instrument on to you that is unlikely to clear and could see you picking up the tab at the bank in the rare event that it does clear.

Always exercise good judgement: Remember, if anything doesn’t feel right, or you remain unconvinced, we are on hand to check things out for you. If you believe a product advertised is in any way connected to a scam, just contact our 24/7 support service.

Here we have listed 10 ways to beat the scammers, but unfortunately, scammers keep inventing new ways to trick you. So always remain vigilant, always ask questions, do as much due diligence and homework as you possibly can before you make your purchase. It’s our aim to make your purchase a safe and happy purchase every time. We hope this guide helps.

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